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Tracing the interplay between interest, competence perceptions and achievement during tasks and over time

Katariina Nuutila, MEd.

his PhD project focuses on the dynamics between elementary school students’ interest, competence perceptions, and performance in specific tasks and over time. Also, the role of individual differences (i.e., motivational tendencies, prior achievement, gender) in these dynamics is investigated. The PhD project includes three studies:

Nuutila, K., Tuominen, H., Tapola, A., Vainikainen, M.-P., & Niemivirta, M. (2018). Consistency, longitudinal stability, and predictions of elementary school students' task interest, success expectancy, and performance in mathematics. Learning and Instruction, 56, 73–83.

Nuutila, K., Tapola, A., Tuominen, H., Kupiainen, S., Pásztor, A., & Niemivirta, M. (2020). Reciprocal predictions between interest, self-efficacy, and performance during a task. Frontiers in Education, 5:36.

Nuutila, K., Tapola, A., Tuominen, H., Molnár, G., & Niemivirta, M. (2021). Mutual relationships between the levels and changes in interest, self-efficacy, and perceived difficulty during a task. PsyArXiv.

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