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MoLeWe Presentations at the ICM2022 Conference

The 17th International Conference on Motivation (ICM2022) and the Joint Day of the EARLI SIGs Motivation and Emotion (SIG8) and Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning (SIG16) will be held from August 24th until August 26th 2022 in Dresden, Germany. The full conference program has now been published!

Motivation & Emotion meets Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning

The interesting conference program includes also several presentations from the MoLeWe researchers. We will present our latest research covering topics, such as students’ interest, self-concept, expectancy-value motivation, engagement, burnout, perfectionism, and temperament, as well as motivation, emotions, and performance in mathematics. The studies investigate these topics among children and youth of different ages and from various educational contexts (elementary school, secondary school, and higher education).

The overview of our presentations can be found below.
Photo by Oliver Guhr on Unsplash

The overview of our presentations can be found below. Follow our presentations at the conference (face-to-face or online) and contact us for more information. Looking forward to seeing you in Dresden or online!

NB: All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

MoLeWe Presentations

24 August | Wednesday 11:00–12:30 | Session Block I - Symposia | E08/F-to-F SYMP 2: Antecedents and consequences of teacher motivation

Discussant: Markku Niemivirta

24 August | Wednesday 11:00–12:30 | Session Block I - Papers | 216/online

PAPER 1: Perfectionism and well-being

Perfectionism, academic well-being, and temperament: Parallel processes and predictive effects

Anna Rawlings, Anna Tapola, Heta Tuominen, & Markku Niemivirta

Students’ perfectionistic profiles: Stability, change, and connections with well-being

Anna Kuusi, Heta Tuominen, Anna Widlund, Johan Korhonen, Petri Ihantola, & Markku Niemivirta

Perfectionistic profiles: Associations with error-related beliefs and responses

Antti-Tuomas Pulkka, Maria Tulis, Anna Tapola, Heta Tuominen, & Markku Niemivirta

24 August | Wednesday 14:40–16:10 | Session Block II - Papers | 213/online

PAPER 2: Student wellbeing, alienation

Do today’s schools fit all? Profiling motivation, cognition & wellbeing among Norwegian ninth graders

Christian Brandmo, Gunnar Bjørnebekk, Riikka Mononen, Rolf Vegar Olsen, & Kristin Slungård

Reciprocal effects of mathematics performance, school engagement, and burnout during adolescence

Anna Widlund, Heta Tuominen, & Johan Korhonen

24 August | Wednesday 16:30–18:00 | Session Block III - Papers | 214/Online

PAPER 1: Role of motivation and/or emotion in STEM education

Third graders’ emotions in mathematics – different raters, different perspectives

Riikka Mononen & Anna Tapola

25 August | Thursday 11:00–12:30 | Session Block V - Symposia | E04/F-to-F

SYMP 1: Individual and social resources relate to exhaustion and stress among school and university students

University students' motivational profiles during the pandemic: Stability and links to well-being

Henriikka Juntunen, Heta Tuominen, Jaana Viljaranta, Riikka Hirvonen, Auli Toom, & Markku Niemivirta

25 August | Thursday 11:00–12:30 | Session Block V - Papers | 105/Online

PAPER 3: Achievement motivation: Students expectancies, values and academic success

Lower secondary school students’ cross-domain expectancy-value-cost profiles in math and Finnish

Kukka-Maaria Polso, Heta Tuominen, Petri Ihantola, & Markku Niemivirta

25 August | Thursday 14:40–16:10 | Session Block VI - Papers | 216/Online

PAPER 3: Instructional design, social interaction, and motivation

Changes in mathematics self-concept, interest, and achievement in co- versus solo-taught classes

Hans Lehikoinen & Markku Niemivirta

25 August | Thursday 16:30–18:00 | Keynotes Mid-Career Awardees | E11/F-to-F with stream


Balancing doing well with feeling well: Dynamics between student motivation and well-being

Heta Tuominen

26 August | Friday 10:30–12:30 | Invited Interactive Symposia - I | E08/F-to-F

SYMP 2: Development of motivation and metacognition

Developmental interplay between interest and competence perceptions during task engagement and over time

Markku Niemivirta

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