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Data collection challenges, part II

Updated: May 12, 2022

Time flies. Our iSeeNumbers project participants were first graders, when we started the data collection in spring 2019. Now it is spring 2021, and the children are finishing their third grade while our final data collection has taken place. The past year has been really challenging for our project, especially concerning collecting data. The plans have changed many times along the year. In spring 2020, we needed to cancel the whole data collection, when the world was suddenly locked down due to Covid-19. In autumn 2020, we managed to collect some data at schools instead of organizing the data collection at the university.

But this spring was maybe the most challenging one

The schools in Norway went for a “red level” just when we had the plans ready for the data collection. The red level meant that we were not allowed to visit the schools.

What happened to our data collection? Read the whole blog text here, and find out.

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