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MoLeWe Presentations at the JURE and EARLI 2023 Conferences

The 27th JURE Pre-Conference and the 20th Biennial EARLI Conference will be held in August 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The full conference program can be found here.

The MoLeWe researchers will present their latest research in JURE and EARLI covering topics, such as students' motivation, goals, perfectionism, well-being, stress, momentary motivation, strengths, motivation in mathematics, mathematics anxiety, and arithmetic development. The studies investigate these topics among children and youth of different ages and from various educational contexts (primary school, secondary school, and higher education).

The overview of our presentations can be found below.

The overview of our presentations can be found below. Join our sessions and contact us for more information. Looking forward to seeing you in Thessaloniki!

Umbrellas in Thessaloniki
Photo by Jim Kalligas on Unsplash

JURE 2023

Sunday 20 August

Session A: 8 | Time: 11:00–12:30 | Location: UOM_R05

ROUNDTABLE: Motivation and emotion

Students’ perfectionism: Gender differences and development in upper secondary education

Anna Kuusi, Heta Tuominen, & Markku Niemivirta

Networks and dynamics of secondary students’ momentary expectancies, values, costs, and engagement

Kukka-Maaria Polso, Heta Tuominen, Petri Ihantola, & Markku Niemivirta

Session B: 9 | Time: 13:30–15:00 | Location: UOM_R08

ROUNDTABLE: Self-regulated learning

Longitudinal connections between students’ self-efficacy in self-regulation and strengths

Minna Ikävalko, Erkko Sointu, Jaana Viljaranta, & Matthew Lambert

EARLI 2023

Tuesday 22 August

Session A: 5 | Time: 12:15–13:45 | Location: AUTH_DC1

SYMPOSIUM: Goals, reasons, and complexes: Current advances in achievement goal research

Do perfectionistic tendencies moderate the effect of goals and goal reasons on academic well-being?

Markku Niemivirta, Antti-Tuomas Pulkka, Anna Tapola, & Heta Tuominen

Session B: 5 | Time: 15:00–16:30 | Location: UOM_A02

SYMPOSIUM: New insights on the relation between children’s mathematics attitudes and their performance

Developmental relations between mathematics anxiety, number processing and arithmetic


Johan Korhonen & Anna Widlund

Session B: 10 | Time: 15:00–16:30 | Location: AUTH_DC1

Arithmetic development from Grade 1 to 3 – The role of domain-specific and domain-general predictors

Riikka Mononen, Johan Korhonen, & Markku Niemivirta

Session C: 6 | Time: 17:15–18:45 | Location: UOM_A11

SYMPOSIUM: Predictors and outcomes of heterogeneity in motivational development in early secondary school

Motivational profiles in mathematics - Stability and links with educational and emotional outcomes

Anna Widlund, Heta Tuominen, & Johan Korhonen

Wednesday 23 August

Session D: 17 | Time: 08:00–09:30 | Location: UOM_A04

Interconnectedness between students’ self-efficacy in self-regulation and strengths

Minna Ikävalko, Erkko Sointu, Jaana Viljaranta, & Matthew Lambert

Session D: 22 | Time: 08:00–09:30 | Location: UOM_R01

POSTER: Motivation, educational technologies and teaching approaches

Associations between perfectionistic profiles and motivational profiles

Antti-Tuomas Pulkka, Heta Tuominen, & Markku Niemivirta

Session E: 16 | Time: 12:00–13:30 | Location: AUTH_T102

Primary-school students' motivational profiles and their connections with gender and


Anna Rawlings & Kati Vasalampi

Thursday 24 August

Session I: 9 | Time: 12:00–13:30 | Location: UOM_CR

SYMPOSIUM: University students’ motivation: Recent developments in Expectancy-Value Theory

Stability of motivational profiles, the predictive role of perfectionism, and links to well-being

Henriikka Juntunen, Heta Tuominen, Riikka Hirvonen, Jaana Viljaranta, Auli Toom, & Markku Niemivirta

Friday 25 August

Session N: 4 | Time: 14:45–16:15 | Location: AUTH_T002

SYMPOSIUM: Adolescents’ motivational profiles in different learning areas. Relations with student outcomes

Expectancy-value-cost profiles in math and language arts, behavioral engagement, and achievement

Kukka-Maaria Polso, Heta Tuominen, Petri Ihantola, & Markku Niemivirta

Session N: 2 | Time: 14:45–16:15 | Location: AUTH_CH

INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Spontaneous mathematical focusing tendencies in early childhood

Discussant: Riikka Mononen

Session O: 2 | Time: 17:00–18:30 | Location: UOM_CH

INVITED SYMPOSIUM: Fundamental academic learning in students with various educational needs - Longitudinal evidence

Developmental trajectories of math anxiety and performance in lower secondary education

Johan Korhonen, Anna Widlund, & Pekka Räsänen

Saturday 26 August

Session S: 15 | Time: 12:00–13:30 | Location: UOM_A04

Strivings and concerns during the pandemic: University students’ perfectionism, stress, and coping

Heta Tuominen, Riikka Hirvonen, Henriikka Juntunen, Jaana Viljaranta, & Markku Niemivirta

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